Impericon Festival preview for Manchester Academy 02/05/6 and London 02 Forum Kentish Town 03/05/16

Impericon 2016With nine dates in six different countries, a lineup that includes Hatebreed, Northlane, Chelsea Grin and Despised Icon, Impericon Festival is set to be a sweat inducing, bone bashing, ear shattering addition to any devout Metalheads 2016 calendar.

I’ll be travelling down from Scotland to cover the first of the two UK dates at the Manchester Academy, creating chaos in the Mancunian mosh pits, keeping barrier staff busy with a plentiful supply of crowd surfers (Dependent on venue policies, of course!) I’ll also be making time to participate in more grown up activities such as interviewing a couple of as of yet to be determined band members and of course compiling a written review of the gig afterwards. The lovely Katie Frost will be covering photo duties at the London show to make sure that you get a sweet visual insight of all the action on stage and in the crowd.

Below is a brief overview of what anyone attending can expect.

HATEBREED – Headlining all dates are the Hardcore Heavyweights from Connecticut,. You DO NOT want to miss an opportunity to see them live. Their gigs are some of the most energetic I’ve ever been to. Frontman Jamey Jasta will have you and the entire crowd in the palm of his hand, I guarantee it.  Despite a brutal and in your face style of music, the Hatebreed guys are all very personable and a pleasure to talk to. That is of course should you choose to hang about outside after the show, as I have done in the past. If you’re lucky they may be kicking about the venue during the day.

NORTHLANE – Hailing from Sydney, Australia. The metalcore quintet’s 2015 Album Node reached number one on the Australian Recording Industry Association charts and also won Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album at the A.R.I.A Awards 2015

EMMURE – Also from Connecticut, vocalist Frank Palmeri is the sole remaining original member. The band has received both praise and criticism for the abundance of breakdowns in their music. I can only imagine the kind of action that will create in the pits.

BLESSTHEFALL – Although they’ve been described as “Christian Metalcore” frontman Beau Bokan has stated that the five piece from Phoenix, Arizona do not wish to be considered  a Christian band. I’m actually very excited to see them again as I saw them support Architects at the O2 ABC in Glasgow back in March 2015. During their set at that gig, Beau requested a shoulder ride from me in the middle of rather large circle pit. I’m sure at that point the roadies were thanking the skies that he had a wireless microphone.

CHELSEA GRIN – They’re another band I’m hotly anticipating. I’ve heard that vocalist Alex Koehler can freeze your blood with his voice when he performs live. The proudly proclaiming Deathcore outfit from Salt Lake City, Utah, have no less than  four guitarists in their line up. If Manchester hasn’t experienced an earthquake before then I think they’d better get the Richter scale ready.

DESPISED ICON – Despite a farewell tour in 2010, the dual vocalled Deathcore demons from Montreal, Quebec thankfully reformed in 2014 and are now back decimating ear drums with the growls of Alex Erian and Steve Marois. Definitely one to watch.

HEART OF A COWARD –  Fronted by Jamie Graham, the former vocalist of Sylosis. Impericons bio of the band describes their live shows as ‘chaos filled’ and warns venues to ‘expect a slap in the face from them’ sometime soon. Only  in the metal community are those kind of comments regarded as compliments!

ESKIMO CALL BOY – Having watched live footage of them on YouTube I’ve concluded that these guys will be very much a ‘Marmite’ band. You’ll either love them or hate them. I’m reserving judgemnet until I’ve seen the German Electronicorists perform on stage for myself. With a guitarist who sports a onesie pretty much every gig and from the footage I’ve seen, many of the fans in the crowd are dressing the same way you can understand why the band have divided the metal scene the way they have.

HUNDREDTH – I’d love the opportunity to meet the five strong melodic hardcore outfit from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so I could shake all of their hands. Why? not purely because of fandom. It’s not just because they make kick ass music. In 2012 the band formed a charity called Hope Into Humanity and united with fans  on a campaign called The Water Cause. Their combined efforts raised ten thousand dollars and provided clean, safe drinking water to two villages in India forever.

HELLION – These guys are the opening band on all tour dates and are a hardcore band from Sydney, Australia. They were formed almost immediately after the break up of hardcore band The Bride. Matt, Dre and Anthony the three remaining members of The Bride wanted to continue making music and decided to start afresh with a brand new project. Alas, Hellions was born!Beau Bokan ABC

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