Slovenian powerhouse XSKULL8 releases “Shadows In My Mind”

XSKULL8, a band whose music is forged from heavy post-grunge riffs with a modern twist. It’s hard to place these guys in a proper musical genre, so we won’t even bother. Let’s just say that their music walks the line between rock and metal. The current line-up of the band, after signing their first record deal and renaming themselves in 2020, has had to concentrate more on writing new songs than on touring due to the situation in the world. They released the single “Engine Of Doom” in April 2020, “Little Miss Perfect” in October and “Your Final Act” in January 2021, videos of which can be found on well-known platforms.

In May 2021, they released “Leaves Are Falling”, which was a great success, especially on the other side of the pond. Amongst others, they reached the Top 20 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart and the Top 10 on the Secondary Market Rock Chart. “Leaves Are Falling” was also nominated for the Banger Music Awards.

After signing a new deal with Curtain Call Records, the band also released their XS8 debut album From Sin To Sinners, which is still circulating on radio stations worldwide.

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XSKULL8: official | facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube

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