Population strata that play more on online casinos?

Since the very start of the online casino ‘craze’ (which is clearly here to stay) more than 25 years ago, people have flocked to these virtual places to play and gamble. Even those who might otherwise not have had the chance to enjoy a game of roulette, blackjack, or even slots, now had – and have – the chance to do exactly that.

But just who exactly is playing at online casinos? Is there a specific demographic that is more keen on this virtual world than any other, or is it a fairly equal split? Let’s look into it and find out more.

The Older Players

If you think of a traditional casino or a casino cruise, you’ll probably imagine a wide range of ages within its walls, everyone of legal gambling age and above dotted about playing this game and that. The truth, according to the statistics, is quite different. It is the older generations that seem to have stuck with the traditional casinos whilst the younger players have tended to use the online casinos that are readily available.

This is most likely due to what people are used to and comfortable with. The older players who are using brick and mortar casinos have been doing this for a long time now, and are happy to continue to do so. The younger players who enjoy casino games may never even have stepped foot in a traditional casino, only ever having used the online versions. And so this is what they all stick to. Which makes sense since human beings are such creatures of habit.

The Slots

That’s not to say that no one of the older generation ever plays online, and no one who is younger than, say, 40, wants to go to a traditional casino because of course there are many people who are exceptions to the rule; it’s simply that this is the trend that seems to be emerging when the figures are looked into.

Perhaps it is the slots that are causing the figures to move in this way. Physical casinos only have space for a certain amount of slots, and those slots may not be particularly interesting or varied. Online, there is an unlimited amount of space and the slots are often themed – it’s likely you are going to find exactly what you want when you search an online casino, and you won’t be disappointed. It saves on travel time and expense, and you know exactly what you are getting before you start.

Mobile Gaming Is The Future

Since mobile gaming is sure to be the future of online casinos, it makes sense to consider who is going to have the most up to date mobile equipment that will allow these games to be played in all their glory – the graphics and sounds are impressive to say the least.

It is the younger generation who is most likely to have these devices. Older people will have them, of course, but they may not upgrade them as often as the younger ones will, and therefore their ability to play the newest and most interesting games will be diminished.

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