Gehtika part ways with vocalist

This just posted on Gehtika’s facebook page


Gehtika (c) Katie Frost

This last year or 2 has been a tough time for us in Gehtika. Trying to push the band where it deserves to go and where we want to take it has proved extremely difficult when trying to manage our own personal time, family commitments and organisation.

We are gutted to announce the departure of vocalist Anthony Knight. Ant leaves us on good terms and it was not a decision he took lightly. Ant wants to be able to put more focus into his awesome little family and we totally respect him for this. Last year was quiet for us and next year we plan to tenfold our schedule and with Ant needing more time with his family it has become clear for Ant that he feels he should step away to enable the band to gain the momentum it wants.

We know first hand that Gehtika has not been given the attention it should and that we want.

We had a meeting a few weeks back to discuss Gehtika’s future.

We really want Gehtika to succeed, our love for the music we create and the fans we get to play to drives us and enforces our passion for our music. We have began plans for Gehtika’s return to the front line for 2018 onwards. We know we have a lot of work to do but we will be back on form and in your faces.

As we said above, we are absolutely gutted that Ant is leaving but we wish him all the best of luck in his future musical endeavours. We are all very close friends so we shall be seeing plenty of him.

ALL Shows currently booked will be fulfilled but no more booked until a replacement is found.

Ant we love you bro and thank you so much for your talent, time, effort and friendship!

If anyone would like to audition as vocalist of Gehtika a post will be up shortly with details on how to apply.

Scott, Marc, Topher, Timms

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