Coffins to release “Perpetual Penance” double CD collection on June 9th

Coffins - Perpetual PenanceHorror Pain Gore Death Productions have announced the new double CD collection from Japan’s Death/Doom fiends Coffins entitled Perpetual Penance, set for release on June 9th on CD and digital formats. This is an essential compilation of Coffins’ vinyl only and split release tracks, features artwork by Uchino and is the follow up to the 2011 release Ancient Torture.

The first 100 orders come with a free chrome Coffin keychain, a miniature casket that opens to store your victims ashes! Listen to the track “Reborn” from this gnarly new Coffins collection below.

Below is the official description:

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to unleash the new Coffins double CD collection Perpetual Penance.

This is an essential compilation of Coffins’ vinyl only and split release tracks from artists including Noothgrush, Macabra, Sourvein, Warhammer, Disgrace, Hooded Menace and Stormcrow. Coffins continue their devastating legacy of ancient torture with this 96 minute presentation of bone-crushing Death/Doom sickness!

Features original artwork by Uchino himself and showcases out of print/hard to find vinyl tracks from the following outlets: Southern Lord, Decibel Magazine, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Forcefield Records, Break The Chains, A Pile Of Dirt Music, Doomentia Records, 20 Buck Spin and Hydro-Phonic Records. For fans of Abscess, Acid Witch, Anatomia, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Disma, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Mythic, Venom and Winter.

You can pre-order both CD and digital formats via Coffins’ bandcamp page.

Track listing:

Disc 1

  1. Hellbringer (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
  2. No Saviour (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
  3. Colossal Hole (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
  4. Drowned In Revelation (from split with Noothgrush)
  5. The Wretched Path (from split with Noothgrush)
  6. Reborn (from Reborn flexi)
  7. Grotesque Messiah (Extended version from split with Macabra)
  8. Axes Of Vengeance (from split with Sourvein)

Disc 2

  1. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday (from split with Warhammer)
  2. Grotesque Messiah (from split with Disgrace)
  3. In Bloody Sewage (from split with Hooded Menace)
  4. The Fog Of Burning Flesh (from split with Stormcrow)
  5. Slaughter Of Gods ’09 (from split with Stormcrow)
  6. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday/Grotesque Messiah (Live version from Live In Japan EP)
  7. In Bloody Sewage (Live version from Live In Japan EP)
  8. Here Comes Perdition/Under The Stench/Slaughter Of Gods (unreleased track Live in Czech Republic)
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