New Voyag3r song for free!

Voyag3r - Secret of the Ice MountainVoyag3r wrote and recorded a brand new song, “Secret Of The Ice Mountain”, and released it FREE on their bandcamp page as a thank you to the fans for a great 2014. They’re a great band and well worth checking out, making it as Band of the Day back in 2013.

From the band:

Here’s a little something to chill your bones. “Secret Of The Ice Mountain”. Written and recorded in the spirit of the cold, dead season, this song is presented to you FREE for the remainder of 2014, as a thank you to our fans and supporters. Available on our Bandcamp now! Just enter in $0. Also, a special thank you to Jeremy Wheeler for the fantastic artwork!

You’ve been selling out our pressings and spreading the word, so we hope you enjoy this surprise. Just another mile marker in our journey. A cold comfort to tide you over until the next release. And we are ever working…

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