Learning to Play with Modern Gaming

Music is a part of the soul, but that doesn’t mean expression is always easy. To deliver music to the world you need a way to play, and this means learning an instrument. As any competent player will tell you, this isn’t a fast or easy process. Learning to play an instrument well can take years, but there are ways to help you along.

To some, tutors might be the perfect help in developing somebody’s musical voice. For others, turning the experience into a game might be the best road forward. In this latter example, the types of games available are surprisingly deep. So what do they offer, and why can they be such effective teaching tools?

How to Learn Guitar – Learning Guitar” (CC BY 2.0) by themusicianlab

What is Available?

The modern game that best illustrates what digital teaching tools can accomplish is called Rocksmith+. This title works similarly to the Rock Band games that were famous a few years ago. The difference is that while Rock Band used a cheap plastic controller and simplified tracks, Rocksmith was and is played with a real controller via a USB connector.

The greater accessibility of this approach is like that seen in other entertainment experiences that transferred from the physical to the digital space. The betting sites UK offers are perhaps the best example, with games like slots, blackjack, and roulette making high-quality digital translations. Like with this guitar game, online casinos offer far more welcoming than the traditional approach, and with opportunities for greater choice too.

The Digital Convenience

Traditional one-on-one personal teaching has a proven record in teaching. It can also be expensive and highly dependent on where you live. This is part of what makes music teaching systems like Rocksmith so successful. You don’t need to travel, you don’t need to partake in a dress code, and this can give you more time to play.

To again return to the online casino example, this is similar to what players experienced as horse racing betting went online. Today, you can learn about key terminologies and betting types, pace wagers, and withdraw any earnings without taking a step outside your door. Again, it beats waiting around and travelling, so it’s a preferred option for many.

Advantages of Gamification

Games like Rocksmith also have an advantage in that they make the learning process more than just memorisation. These titles add real game-like elements to the learning process, commonly called gamification. Gamification expands on the experience, providing goals along the way that can help alleviate some of the more tedious parts of learning to play.

When you play a game like Rocksmith you can often forget your ultimate goal of becoming a better player. Instead, you can set your focus on nailing a specific section or improving your overall score. In turn, this can reduce the pressure you put on yourself, so learning comes more naturally.

We don’t mean to imply that gaming is the superior option to a professional teacher, but for the right people in the right place, it can be a surprisingly valid alternative. It might not teach you niche tips and playing secrets, but it can be a powerful tool to learn and consolidate basic play into something more. If you’re interested, consider giving it a try, and you might be surprised how much fun it can add to the learning experience.

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