Eras Tour: Taylor Swift Visits Amsterdam After Her 2022 Role In The Movie – “Amsterdam”

Many people failed to notice Taylor Swift in the 2022 movie, “Amsterdam” which featured Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, who acted as a war veteran and lawyer. Although Taylor’s role was short, she played one of the most important roles in the movie. She appeared as Elizabeth Meekins, General Bill Meekin’s daughter who initiated the investigation of her father’s mysterious death.

Taylor will be visiting Amsterdam, but this time, to entertain Swifties with her amazing “Eras Tour” setlist. She has visited Amsterdam before, in 2015, during her “1989 Tour” which lasted from May to December of 2015. That was also her first big live performance in the Netherlands.

During the tour, Taylor performed in Ziggo Dome, which has a standard capacity of 17k people. As at that time, 11k people made it to the show, generating stunning revenue of $800k. The “1989 Tour” became the highest-grossing tour in 2015, by the time it was concluded in December of the same year, with revenue of $250 million.

Her concert is scheduled to be held at Amsterdam’s Johan Cruyff Arena, which has a standard capacity of 71k people. It’s already giving the impression that Taylor will create an experience for her fans that they’ll never forget. Let’s take a look at how far she has come, and the calibre of experience she currently has, compared to her last visit there. It’ll be a reunion but with a more musically advanced and professional Taylor Swift.

According to the “Eras Tour” calendar, she’ll tour for 3 consecutive days, starting on the 4th to the 6th of July. You can use this as a reminder to get Taylor Swift Amsterdam tickets through an online ticketing platform. This is the best option for you if you’re yet to get one at the moment.

10 Special Songs Taylor Performed During The “Eras Tour” Concerts

One of the interesting sections of the “Eras Tour” concert that unlocks different emotions within Swifties is the special song section. Officially, this is the 9th Era in the tour’s setlist, but it doesn’t contain specific songs.

Taylor Swift made sure to identify this section with “Acoustic Special Songs,” and “Guitar Special Songs.” So, the crowd already knows what to expect whenever Taylor Swift takes a position close to her piano or comes on stage with her guitar.

10. “How You Get The Girl”

Starting with “How You Get The Girl,” Taylor said she wrote this song to teach a guy that wants to get a girl back, how to go about it.

No wonder people pay utmost attention whenever she performs it. Taylor rocks the stage with her guitar slung around her neck, and then sings “How You Get The Girl,” word for word, with the crowd singing along.

So far, “How You Get The Girl” has been performed 3 times on different occasions in the “Eras Tour.”

9. “Our Song”

“Our Song” was released by Taylor Swift in 2007, through her debut studio album, “Taylor Swift.” The song talks about a couple that used their daily lives to create a song. According to her track record, “Our Song” was written when she was in 9th grade.

Her favourite instrument for performing “Our Song” is her guitar. So far, the song has been sung 3 times in her previous schedules.

8. “Death By A Thousand Cuts”

“Death By A Thousand Cuts” was released by Taylor Swift in 2019, through her “Lover Album.” One of the performances of the song was in Arlington, TX, and was done with her guitar.

The song has been performed 3 times on different occasions amidst the tour, with Singapore enjoying a mashup of it, with “Babe.”

7. “Holy Ground”

“Holy Ground” is one of the special songs that mean a lot to Taylor Swift. This is because; she fought hard to get the right to perform songs like it without constraints.

The initial version was released through her 4th studio album, “Red,” under her former record label. The fact that we get to listen to “Holy Ground” now in her concert is because she re-recorded her version after leaving Big Machine Records Label.

“Holy Ground” has been performed 3 times, and we expect more live performances of it before the tour ends.

6. “Maroon”

“Maroon,” now one of the fan favourite special songs, was released in 2022, through her 10th studio album, “Midnights.” The song describes the scars of remembering a past relationship.

It’s a bit sad that Taylor Swift has all these sad memories about relationships. However, we acknowledge the fact that it allowed her to help a lot of people who on a normal day would’ve been hopeless. Taylor has given them hope in the sense that she went through all that she did, and still came out strong.

“Maroon” has been performed 5 times on different occasions amidst the “Eras Tour.” Taking home the title of the most performed special song, so far.

5. “You’re On Your Own, Kid”

Deemed a “Vulnerable, yet hopeful message,” the lyrics of “You’re On Your Own, Kid” are one of the many that represent the remarkable writing skills of Taylor Swift. The song was released in 2022, a few months before she embarked on the “Eras Tour.”

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” has been performed 4 times by Taylor Swift on different occasions; her fans just keep asking for more. One unique and interesting thing about this song is that it sort of relates to Taylor Swift’s life before and after fame.

4. “Snow On The Beach”

“Snow On The Beach” became a global sensation when it was dropped by Taylor Swift in 2022. It was written and composed by Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff and Lana Del Rey.

Swifties have seen 3 performances of “Snow On The Beach” and they keep asking for more because they relate to it on a different level. It’s about 2 people falling in love at the same time. Imagine the confusion. The song has the potential of being performed more before the tour ends this year.

3. “Red”

“Red” is part of Taylor Swift’s masterpieces. She released “Red” through her 4th Studio album named, “Red,” in 2012. “Red” added to Taylor’s fame after it sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

The album was received with both hands by the world, pushing Taylor Swift to be nominated for numerous awards, including a Grammy in 2014.

“Red” has been performed 3 times on different occasions, and still reserves the potential of being performed again in the remaining days of the tour.

2. “This Is Me Trying”

“This Is Me Trying” was released in 2020 through Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” album. The song speaks about the reality of life, and that is, everyone struggles with something at a point in life.

It is best described as a song of revival. According to Taylor Swift, it was recorded when she was at her lowest. Most people come to concerts to get away from whatever life is throwing at them. They, especially, tend to relate deeply to “This Is Me Trying.”

1. “Teardrops On My Guitar”

“Teardrops On My Guitar” was initially released by Taylor Swift through her former record label, BMRL. She however re-recorded her version of the album to which the song belonged, and that is the “Taylor Swift” album.

She has performed the “Tear Drops On My Guitar” 3 times, and it remains one of the fan favourites in the “Eras Tour.”

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