5 Kinds Of Feelings You Get While At Rammstein Stadium Tour

“Rammstein Stadium Tour” is Rammstein’s longest career tour, and you’ll be shocked at the achievements that they’ve been able to gather thanks to this single tour.

The German metal band went from being loved by their fans to being “Extremely” loved and the reason for that lies in their ability to organize the best industrial metal concert all of Europe has ever seen.  The evidence of their acquired fame can be seen in the numbers they’ve been pulling in during their concerts.

People can’t get enough of their craft, and the numbers are proof of that. The revenue generated amidst this tour is another topic that has got tongues wagging. There’s no capping perceived when media outlets classify the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” as a billion-dollar tour.

But, not to get off on the wrong foot, this isn’t going to be a statistical article on Rammstein and their 7th career tour. Instead, we’ll be looking at the 5 kinds of feelings you get while at “Rammstein Stadium Concerts.”

If you’ve attended their concert before, you’ll agree to this list, and if you’re yet to, keep in mind what you’ll read in this article as it’ll help you easily classify yourself when you eventually attend their concert.

Before we get to it, it would be rude not to acknowledge Rammstein’s consistency in entertaining their fans. A consistency that has made them bring the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” back to Europe multiple times while visiting different cities in countries they have visited before.

This act by the German band is to ensure that every Rammstein lover gets to feel what real Neue Deutsche Härte is. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case since a lot of people are still yet to secure tickets to the concerts. But, the good news is that we now have an alternative ticket marketplace where you can easily get Rammstein tickets, should you need them.

What’s The “Rammstein Stadium Tour” Concerts Like?

“Metallic.” We felt like adding this section to give the newbies here an idea of what “Rammstein Stadium Tour” concerts are like.

Rammstein found a way to go out of the ordinary with their performances. It is their daring nature that has made them one of the biggest metallic bands in all of Europe.

Every performance by Rammstein amidst their concert is an adventure into a fantastic world. The band has managed to customize the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” setlist each year since the beginning of the tour. So, chances are, the setlist you listened to in 2023 won’t be the same as this year’s. How fun can that be?

Also, Rammstein found a way to organize terrific acts amidst their performance. You know how regular bands perform choreography during their performance; Rammstein does something extraordinary.

Most times, they do the unthinkable. One time when the band’s lead vocalist, Till Lindemann repeatedly tried to cook the band’s keyboardist, Christian Lorenz on stage. Above all, if you’re not gutted, the kind of daring performances that Rammstein put up might mess a bit with your sanity.

But, once you get used to it, you’ll never settle for less.

5 Kinds Of Feelings You Get While At Rammstein’s Concerts

Without wasting much time, let’s check out the 5 kinds of feelings you get while at Rammstein’s concerts.

A Euphoric Feeling

There’s always an exciting feeling when you’re at Rammstein’s concert. The thought of the unknown, especially what terrific act the band will do next or what magic they have up their sleeves drives your adrenaline level higher than you can imagine and it ends up creating a Euphoric feeling within you.

Most times, this feeling comes as a result of the anticipation you’ve had for Rammstein’s performances. You know how you must’ve thought and talked about the concert all week long with your friends, and the D-Day finally gets here, and you can’t help, but feel overwhelmed. That also creates a euphoric feeling.

Other times, the people you’re at the concert with might be the sole reason you feel euphoric, even though Rammstein’s concerts are usually fun places and the atmosphere creates a euphoric feeling on its own.

A Hankering Feeling

One thing that makes Rammstein stand out from other metal bands in the world as stated earlier is their daring nature. It is that same daring nature that will give you a hankering feeling when you’re at their concert.

Rammstein is known to defy the ordinary, and studies show that the human mind is naturally attracted to that. By the time the band puts on their fiery performances, where every part of the stage breathes fire, including their equipment, you’ll be tempted to be the one on the stage or the one wielding the fire-breathing guitar or cannon.

One of the craziest requests from fans to Rammstein was during one of their performances of “Mein Teil,” where fans requested to be in the pot, substituting Lorenz who was being cooked at that time. That request was a perfect representation of a hankering feeling. One you might eventually get at Rammstein’s concert.

An Indignation Feeling

When you attend Rammstein’s concert, you get this feeling because of a few reasons. One of which is connected to the fact that Rammstein has, on many occasions, been slammed by lawsuits from different parties and individuals.

You get provoked because you feel how good the German band is, and offended by the people trying to bring them down. One popular and recent lawsuit is that of the French band called, “Ninja Cyborg.” The band claimed that Rammstein plagiarized their song, “The Sunny Road” through “Deutschland.”

“Deutschland” is Rammstein’s lead single from their 7th career album, “Untitled.” The song is also on the setlist of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” since the tour is supported by their 2 recent albums, “Untitled” and “Zeit” studio albums.

Another reason why you might be upset with this lawsuit is the fact that “Deutschland” is a call out for the dark history of their home country, Germany.

A Melancholic Feeling

Even though it rarely happens, so many reasons are capable of making you sad or have a melancholic feeling while at Rammstein’s concert. It might be a personal reason that is associated with a song on the setlist.

Most times, we tend to have special connectivity with our significant other through certain songs that are on the setlist of “Rammstein Stadium Tour.” If fate has it that we end up listening to the same song and watching Rammstein perform it live, when we’re no longer with that significant other, we can’t help but feel sad or have melancholic feelings due to memories.

The reason for this feeling might vary, but it comes regardless of the entertainment at Rammstein’s concert.

An Apathetic Feeling

Rammstein concerts are usually loud, and this can immediately become a turnoff if you’re not used to the loud music. Especially if you’re attending Rammstein’s concert for the first time. You start to get the apathetic feeling, but it won’t last.

This feeling is completely normal. You get it even if you are a hardcore fan of metal music. All the jumping and shouting can take a toll, and cause you to have an apathetic feeling, to state the least. It’s that moment you don’t feel anything. You’re neither excited nor impassionate.

But, the feeling doesn’t last, and that is the fun part. When you get back on your feet, you’ll rock like never before.

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