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We’ve been lucky enough to encounter Grande Fox before. They were a Headline Act / Band of the Day a while ago, and Mosh was really taken by their recent album Empty Nest. We wanted to follow up on our profile interview and the band were kind enough to respond! Here is some more about the Greek “space psyche” rockers…

Grande Fox is not an old band, having already released an EP and two full albums. It’s an extremely quick-start. Is that the advantage of already being experienced musicians?

Well, our band was founded in 2013, which means that we have been in the field of music for 8 years. During these years, our need to express our feelings, our concern and our willingness to be constantly productive led us to succeed in having three completed albums and a single at the moment. We consider this definitely a success. Nowadays, it is not so easy to manage to accomplish and to release such a number of projects in that short amount of time mainly because you will need to invest a lot of money at first and then a lot of work and sacrifices.  It is surely important as we show our potentials and we also gain experience and evolve. Though we will not stop here, we still have a lot work to do.

What’s your secret? Your genre is pretty overrun and it’s hard to be original but you sound really fresh…

Thank you for your kind words. We don’t have any particular secret. It is a result after a long time of experimentation and hard work. We just let our imagination to run in combination with the psychedelic element, with the mood and our emotions and we compose without setting boundaries. We are not minimalists, we like complexes and to create using many variables and elements which we have to connect harmoniously, putting our own personal stamp in order to present something original.

You are classified as a heavy-rock/stoner band in general. Is this an advantage for you?

This is not a matter of advantage. As we previously said, we have many influences and stimuli in our music. Within these influences are some elements that characterize stoner music such as the fuzz of the guitars for example. That’s why most of the people classified us as stoner band. We would say that we consider ourselves more as a heavy rock band but again in general, we don’t like and we are not used to put labels in music.  Music is something wider and bigger and it doesn’t fit labels. Everyone can play music, express themselves and create in their own way. This is art!

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Will you keep this kind of style for the future?

If you take a closer look and listen to the four projects, you will notice lots of differences in many things, from the colors in the visuals and graphics to the atmosphere and some various elements. Our debut album ‘’Space Nest’’ was experimental with lots of psychedelic elements and with the colors of green. This was followed by ‘’Kulning’’ which was a trilogy of a fairytale painted in purple. Then, the single ‘’Documento’’ which was characterized by very intense style, rage and red colors. Last but not least is Empty Nest. Here we are dealing with something more mature with explosion, indignation and mixed feelings dressed in brown colors. That is happening deliberately. However there are lots of things which remain unchanged. Anger, psychedelia, the caustic verse and generally our character and our identity are always there. You may see something different in the future, but we will not lose our authenticity.

How do you think about the future of this genre or scene in general, and especially in Greece?  We know that there is a big stoner scene in Greece…

Good question and a very important topic. It is clear that underground scene has grown too much compared to the previous years. Several new bands are coming to the fore and this scene is gaining audience interest more and more. This is happening in Greek underground scene as well, and we are very happy about it. There are some bands that were the first started and carved this path a few years ago such as Planet of Zeus and Nightstalker and now this whole thing is expanding. We believe that one of the most important factors to continue to strengthen and develop this scene is mutual support of all the people who are involved and love this music. We have to keep in mind the general good and the positive aspect of the whole case in total. Finally, we think that the future of this scene will continue to be bright because there are so many bands that have a lot to show and succeed.

Nick has studies in classical singing, maybe? He sounds really original!

Nick is our frontman and the man behind all lyrics. He is a self-taught singer entirely and he studies and practices on vocals on a daily basis in recent years. His ultimate goal is the continuous expansion of his musical perception. He listens to all kinds of music without restrictions and always refused to wear blinders on this subject. One of his biggest influences is Chris Cornell.

What are your favourite festivals? The best place to perform after the release of this great new album Empty Nest?

We definitely want to perform at the festivals take place in Greece and generally we want to organize a tour here in Greece after the release of our new album. One of these lives we would surely like to be in Thessaloniki where the band was founded. However, we also target abroad, so it would be great to perform in some festivals abroad. We don’t have a specific one in mind right now to mention. We want to interact with the people and with the audience wherever possible. That’s the most important.

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Which ones would be your favourite tour bands?

They would definitely be Godsmack, Korn or Rage Against the Machine. However, there are lots of remarkable bands in Greece that are very successful such as Planet of Zeus, 1000Mods or Villagers Of Ioannina City which would also be on this list as well.

What’s to tell about the future of Grande Fox in general?

First of all, stay tuned because more video clips from the album Empty Nest will be released in the near future. Besides that and to talk about the future in general, we have a big vision from the day we first started this journey. We have set high goals for ourselves and we work daily in all sections needed as an indie band. Τhere are so many stuff in our mind and in our plan for the future. What is sure is that we will continue to produce material, whether it is artwork and visuals or music and we will target to do as many live performances as we can, if of course the conditions with Covid-19 allow us to do. We have missed the stages so much.

Last words, tell us everything I forgot to ask but people should know about you …

Don’t forget to follow us on social media (facebook, instagram, youtube, spotify etc), on our new website . We will put the other links below. You can find and learn information, news and anything about us and our next moves. Listen to our songs and give us your thoughts and your feedback. Last thing we would like to say, come to meet you guys up close on stages, we will be very happy to talk to you and have a beer with you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer the questions. Good luck for the band!

Thank you so much, it was our pleasure. We hope to meet you up close and we wish you all best!

Grande Fox: official | facebook | instagram | bandcamp | spotify | youtube

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