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Bloodstock 2015 Interview- Anders Modd and Richard Holmgren of Wolf (SWE)

Photo by Will Tudor (c) Moshville Times

Photo by Will Tudor (c) Moshville Times

JimA couple of hours after they played on the main stage, I had the opportunity to catch with Andy and Richard from Wolf (SWE). We chatted about their new ale, the latest album and how the new album is progressing.

Thanks to Nina at the Noise Cartel for organising and Andy and Richard for their time.

MT: You guys played on the main stage a couple of hours ago. How do you think it went?

Andy: It was amazing. It was so much fun. It was early, but people were there and really into it. Bloodstock is a perfect festival; it’s so cool here.

Richard: The crowd at Bloodstock never lets us down. We’ve played here 3 or 4 times and every time the crowd has been amazing.

MT: Last time I spoke to you, you mentioned that you have an Ale coming out soon.

Andy: Yeah, it’s out in Sweden now. It’s been out for around 2 months and there’s been really good reviews of it. We drink a lot of it as well!

Richard: We’d like to get it outside of Sweden but there’s a lot of paperwork to get to places like Norway, Finland and the UK. It’s up to the brewery though as we want to focus on the band and not be a brewer.

Andy: Actually our brewer, Heavy Metale, are working on getting a distributor in the UK. So hopefully in a few months you can have it here.

MT: What sort of gear do you use live?

Andy: Usually it’s the gear they provide.

Richard: We normally send the rider of stuff that we need and as long as they can provide it then it’s fine. Usually it’s professional people working with professional gear. It’s more trouble when it’s a small club with house gear that has not been maintained very much. We’re not there to play the expensive stuff, we are there to deliver the music. I’m not fussed if it’s a £1 million or £1 kit, as long as it’s playable.

Andy: We’re not really that fussy but it’s much easier to give a good show if we have decent gear.

Richard: Big salute to all the staff at Bloodstock. They really deliver every time we come here. It’s really a joy to come here.

MT: The most recent album, Devil Seed, came out around a year ago. What’s the fan response like when you play the new songs?

Richard: It’s been good. The fans that are really into the band know each album is going to be slightly different. It’s still the same music but the production is different every single time. I remember when I was younger and I bought Iron Maiden albums. I’m really into Number of the Beast and then when “Wasted Years” came out I was like “Not Sure of this”. But then a few weeks later I think it’s the best album. A good album takes time to listen in to.

Andy: I think Devil Seed is the same. You have to really listen to it to get into it.

Richard: We’ve had a positive reaction. We’ve had a lot of new fans coming to the shows which is really good. It means the songs are getting out there.

MT: Have you started writing for the new album yet?

Andy: We’ve been gathering riffs and ideas for a long time now. We have a lot of stuff in stock for the next album and we’ve been doing a few demo songs.

Richard: Bloodstock is the last big festival we do this year. After Bloodstock we go home for a bit and we have a potential European tour happening soon.

MT: Is that with Enforcer? *

Richard: It will be, but we don’t know a lot of details about it. For songs and material though, we already started with some ideas and we’ll start working on the 8th album soon.

MT: Final question for you guys is what bands are looking forward to seeing today?

Richard: Mine already played. Orange Goblin. I love that band.

Andy: I really want to see Rob Zombie and we’re going to have some beer and hang out with friends. I’ll probably go and watch some songs from other bands as well. Anything goes.

MT: Thank you very much for your time!

*After speaking to the guys, we ended up chatting about what is actually happening on the upcoming European tour. It seems that Enforcer decided not to let Wolf know about the tour and went ahead and organized it. That is why there have been tickets available. When Enforcer let Wolf know, they told them directly and not their management. This has caused numerous issues and as such the guys are not sure whether the tour is going ahead or not. I’m hoping it does, but in a way that both parties are happy.

Wolf: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | instagram | soundcloud

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