Classic Covers: A Joker’s Rage – California Love

John Oliver Photography

2Pac - California LoveShoved up on YouTube a couple of weeks back, but being given a push after the band’s sets at Hammerfest and Wildfire, here’s one of those unusual cross-genre covers that just… works. They played the song during their headline set at Wildfire (in light of Tim “Ripper” Owens being too metal to be allowed into the country) and by all accounts it went down a storm. Sadly, I couldn’t manage to catch them, but I met enough people on the Saturday who named it as a highlight of the previous day!

Well, dive in and have a listen to one of the bounciest cover songs we’ve ever put up here – and just imagine what it would be like in a packed venue. We’ve featured them as a Band of the Day in the past, and now you can find out why.

A Joker’s Rage: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | google+

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