Headline Act: Justin Larner

Rocking up your weekend is very much something we aim to do, and who better to help us than gifted guitar gargantua Justin Larner? His new album, Hot and Dangerous, is out on April 5th and there’s a new single which was released yesterday (scroll down to check out the video).

Simple things first – where are you from?

Nottingham, England

How long have you been playing?

Since I was 13, so 20 years this year.

Before you get sick of being asked… why be a solo artist?

I’ve been in various bands since I was around 15 so I’ve had a lot of experience working with multiple people in a band format and every time at one point or another it has come to an end and it was never my fault or decision so I’ve decided from now that I’m doing things my way and if you want on board, that’s great and if you don’t, then that also great. I can work with anyone that wants to make music and have full control over what I make and when. There are now no excuses. If something doesn’t get done then it’s on me. Waiting around for other people to write parts, learn parts, have enough money etc was too frustrating for me. I like the independence that I now have to do whatever it is I feel that needs to be done without ever having to worry that anyone will leave and collapse a band.

What are your influences?

I have too many but the biggest ones I would say are Joe Satriani, Zakk Wylde, George Lynch, Metallica, Journey.

Describe your music. What makes you unique?

It’s essentially everything within the rock/metal window. From Megadeth heavy riffs to Journey style hard rock. What makes it unique is the range that I cover I think. If you listen to the album you’ll hear every track has got it’s own style. You could say it’s inconsistent from a genre view if you were being critical but I can’t limit myself to one style. I need to play everything that I like. I’m not trying to fit into a genre. I’m just writing what I like. Because it’s all my music I feel that there is a continuity to it through my guitar sound. I think it’s hard to describe your own sound. It’s probably more accurate if other people do that.

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Do you have any particular lyrical themes?

I don’t think so. Lyrics are not my strong point. That why I’ve got all different singers in. I’m more about the melodies and the harmonies. I’m very pleased with what everyone has contributed though.

What’s your live show like? How many shows have you played?

I haven’t played any as it stands with this group because of the current lockdown situation. I do hope to arrange some when the situation permits and then I may have a better answer for you.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or done at a live show?

I saw a completely naked/balls out crowd surfer at a Megadeth gig at Rock City. I think he got kicked out after that strangely enough. Luckily he was in front of me as I didn’t fancy a fully naked man hitting me in the back of the head.

What guitars do you play / etc.?

Too many. I play around. Mainly super Strats but I have a Telecaster and a Les Paul. I’ve also owned a few flying Vs, an Explorer and an SG. I just love guitars.

What, if anything, are you plugging/promoting at the moment?

My upcoming album Hot and Dangerous featuring 4 of my talented singer friends. I have a single already out called “Can You Feel It?” and a couple more coming before the actual main release in April.

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What are your plans for the next 6 months or so?

I’m writing/recording for 2 more albums for other people off the back of this one. After that I’ll keep writing more and see where it goes.

If you were second on a three-band bill, which band would you love to be supporting and which band would you choose to open for you? A chance to plug someone you’ve toured with, or a mate’s band we’ve not heard of before!

It would be dream to support a George Lynch project like Lynch Mob maybe. That would be amazing. For support I would recommend two bands local to me called Down in One and 28 Double. I know that’s more than you asked but I couldn’t pick just one.

Check out this month’s Headline Act Playlist on Spotify and YouTube

Justin Larner: facebook | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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February 10, 2021 10:42 PM

[…] guitarist,  songwriter, and recent Headline Act, Justin Larner is poised to deliver his intoxicating new album, Hot and Dangerous, out via all […]