Band of the Day: Godzilla Loves Lemon Trees

An interesting name for an interesting band. GLLT are a two-piece who post pretty much everything with the hashtag #noguitarsallowed after it. They only use bass guitars and drums in their music, though in fairness it looks like some of the basses have more than the traditional four strings.

Leafing through their facebook page, it seems they’re not alone in this guitar-barren format. Fabiano Andreacchio of Atomic Factory has apparently also released an album of similarly treble-bereft music, but we’ll stick with GLLT for the moment.

Of course the key thing is… does this experiment work? On the strength of the one available track – “Kaiju” – I’d say that yes, it does. The bass in the track isn’t over-used, as a replacement for guitar. Instead it’s paired up more with the drums with the harsh vocals overlaid to fill in gaps. There’s no attempt to throw in a bass solo (thankfully) and this has encouraged the songwriters to go for an appropriate structure. There’s no point in trying out something new if you’re just going to take a traditional formula and remove a 6-string ingredient. GLLT haven’t made this mistake, and as a result have a pretty interesting song on their hands.

You can listen to the track below (or via one of the many links), and throw some cash their way via Bandcamp if you want to encourage them to produce more.

Godzilla Loves Lemon Trees: facebook | twitter | tumblr | youtube | soundcloud | bandcamp

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