Band of the Day: Mike Noegraf

Mike Noegraf - Safe & SoundOK, as you may guess from the title this isn’t a band but a solo artist. Given that it’s a quiet Sunday afternoon (at least until I start swearing at the football), Mike seemed like the ideal candidate for a feature.

He’s French, puts a lot of effort into his work and is a solo acoustic artist with some lovely songs to chill out to on this last break before heading back to work on Monday morning. His album, Safe & Sound, came out earlier this year and after playing 85 dates around Europe supporting it he’s about to have a well-deserved holiday himself! Note that Mike doesn’t sing in his native language, opting instead to write all his lyrics in English.

While Mike himself classes his music as “folk”, there’s no denying that one man and a guitar can produce some great songs which deserve a little plug on here. He does mix it up occasionally with some electric work and drums on “A Path Close To You” but overall this is a great easy-listening album, ideal for kicking back to.

Safe & Sound can be picked up on Bandcamp and there’s the usual sample below.

Mike Noegraf: blogspot | facebook | bandcamp

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