Band of the Day: Demons Of Old Metal

Demons of Old Metal - DominionAny act which goes to the trouble of working out a name with the acronym “DOOM” deserves a quick look, and Demons Of Old Metal from Torbay (right down on the south coast of England) are well worth that look and listen.

Formed by four members of long-standing bands and one newbie, DOOM came together in 2010 and donned silly costumes with which to enhance their live act. Their music is, to my ear, closer to Slipknot than any other individual act. Not bad given there are only five of them compared to almost twice that number in the Iowan band. What makes me draw the comparison are the clear drums, belted yet crisp vocals and the bit of electronica in the mix courtesy of Digital Death who is DOOM’s version of Sid Wilson.

Despite the comedy appearance and back story about being sent up from the depths of Hell, etc., the band’s music is very much straightforward as are the lyrics, certainly on new album Dominion which is due out on December 7th. If you were expecting GWAR-esque tales of demon-baiting, world domination or what Satan has for lunch then you’ll be disappointed. These are quality  metal anthems with the associated dark subject matter you would expect.

The band members’ past experience really shows in terms of songwriting as well as production. You can tell they know how to write a song that will go down live well, too. While you have the obvious instance flayers such as opener “Fakeskin”, it’s stuff like “Quiet Ones” which really push the envelope. Carrying more of a Pantera/Texas Hippy Coalition vibe, this is a slow and heavy number to begin with which launches into a pit-inducing thrashy middle before settling once again into slow head-nod territory again by the end. It’s actually one of my favourites on the album partly due to it being quite different from the rest.

Mind you, there’s no shortage of variety on here. “Behind The Mask”, for instance, is more metalcore in places. “Open Wide And Scream” makes me think of Alice Cooper backed by Five Finger Death Punch. “See How They Die” is more likely to have a crowd jumping than moshing for the most of it – reminds me of Union Underground in places.

This is a fine album and one that it doesn’t take long to get into. It hits quickly and the hooks are in during that first listen. With the addition of the theatrics, I can see them being great live as well. Here’s hoping I get the chance to find out one day!

Dominion is out on Dec 7th officially, but can be pre-ordered on eBay with a mystery gift and 20% discount until Dec 1st.

Demons of Old Metal: official | facebook | twitter | myspace | reverbnation | youtube

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