Band of the Day: Red Razor

Red Razor logo[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /] Red Razor was born in Florianópolis, Brazil, a city internationally famous for it’s beaches, surf and rich tourists with their shiny cars during summertime. Tired of the local scene, over-populated by reggae and soft rock bands, the boys decided to follow a more aggressive path.

Back in 2011, they picked up their patch vests from the closet, turned on their amplifiers and started to write songs influenced by thrash legends such as Exodus, Slayer, Tankard and Kreator. Their debut album is in its final mastering process and will be released in the summer.

They released a video back in January for the song “Wish You Were Beer”, which is the second video for upcoming record Beer Revolution, expected out in June.

Red Razor do have an EP out already, available through their bandcamp site or soundcloud page, and more information can be gleaned via facebook.

facebook | soundcloud | bandcamp


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