Band of the Day: Deepshade

Deep Shade logo 192As everyone knows, it’s grim up north. If you’ve ever been to the north-west of England, you’ll know what I mean (go on – send me hate-mail!). However, glimmering out from the grime-covered cityscape of Manchester is Deep Shade, an alternative rock outfit due to release their debut album (EvErYtHiNg PoPuLaR iS wRoNg) in Spring 2015.

They’re a tad grungy and a little experimental as well. Quite downbeat, atmospheric and bring to mind some of the classic rock acts of the 60’s and 70’s with twangy guitars. Sean and I are both sat here listening to the tracks they have on Soundcloud and tapping our feet.

Formed in 2013, they’re a three-piece though you’d think there were more members from listening to the tracks available. Not the sort of thing Sean or I usually listen to, but worth checking out. There should be a video for the song “Time” coming soon as well.

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