Band of the Day: Mikevnine

Mikevnine band[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]For those who know how dictionaries work, Mikevnine’s name is pronounced mī kev′nīn. I hope that clears things up. They bill themselves as a hard rock, heavy metal duo from Rocky River, Ohio. Which just by itself sounds really cool.

They also do all their musical shenanigans around proper work, study and rearing children – just like myself with Moshville Times. This kinship led me to want to feature them as the first post-Christmas Band of the Day. That and the music.

I’ve had a listen to a few of their songs – links are below, as is one of the tracks – and they’re surprisingly well done. Surprising because of the “fitting it round real” life factor and that there are only two of them creating this interesting blend of styles. Definitely too heavy just to be rock with perhaps a touch of the stoner or groove about them, tracks like “The Forgotten” and “Everything You Say” simultaneously haunt and pummel. “This is Forever” highlights the blues background to which rock music owes so much before turning significantly darker with shredding guitar and mixed vocal styles.

The pair have recently released an album, Red, which you can get now via the likes of Amazon and iTunes. It was released around December 16th and you an definitely find it on Amazon UK – just do a search via your locality and I’m sure you’ll find it.

Everything you see and hear – videos, logos, artwork, photographs, music – is the work of Mike and Kevin. It’s the ultimate 2-man project. And it’s damn good. Give the sample tracks a listen and, if you like it, give them your support.

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