Band of the Day: Irk

Irk - Bread and HoneyHere’s an unusual one for you. A three-piece. OK, so nothing new there. Drums? Check. Vocals? Check. Bass? Check.



I’m sure someone else will correct me, but I’m not aware of another rock/metal act in any genre that doesn’t have a guitarist or three. I don’t mean that they use a session guitarist, I mean that there isn’t a guitar used at all in their music.

Irk’s off-kilter, downbeat sound is very much rhythm-led, being as it is a bass/drum attack with scream-core/punk vocals. These three lad from Leeds produce a very unusual sound, but one that kicks as much as many other bands with a fuller compliment of instruments.

I’ve been impressed by many an act who use enough instruments to satisfy a fairly varied orchestra. This is the first time I think I’ve raised my eyebrows and nodded along to a band for their minimalism.

Irk’s EP Bread and Honey is available on bandcamp as a “name your price” deal. Worth a listen, and maybe worth a few quid. They also seem to play around the Yorkshire area now and again, so keep an eye on their fb page for dates.

facebook | bandcamp | soundcloud

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