Band of the Day: ReVerbed

ReVerbed logoI’ve been to Doncaster. It’s… grim. Maybe that’s just the bits I went to, but coming from someone who lived in Bradford for 13 years, that’s quite a comment. However, this could be forgiven if this grimness can be at least partly to blame for the anger which has led to the aggressive tones of ReVerbed.

Together for about four years, this pop-punk four piece managed a nomination in the “Best British Newcomer” category of the 2013 Kerrang awards and have played 200 shows in the last 18 months or so. Dedicated to the cause they most definitely are.

Fronted by twin guitar/vocals from George and Zoë with Josh adding his own voice to the mix while he bangs drums, the quartet is completed by Joe on bass. The mixed male/female lead vocals work very well and give the band a flavour of their own.

They recently released a 9-track “mini-album” – though how nine tracks is “mini” is beyond me, that’s a full album in my book – called This Machine. Their most recent video for the track “Uncommonwealth” can be seen below.

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