Band of the Day: Idols of Apathy

Idols of Apathy - Unheard WordsYou know when you file an email away to check it later and then forget all about it, and then two months later you spot it and go “oh, shit”? Yeah, that.

I got an email back in June to check out Idols of Apathy’s new EP Unheard Words. And finally got round to listening to it tonight. And wish I’d heard it sooner. A little more about the band first…

They’re a six-piece from Essex (but let’s not hold that against them) – Jack on vocals, Dean on guitar/vocals, Tom on Guitar, Joe on guitar and Elliott on bass. And a drummer, but I don’t have a name for them!

They bill themselves as “progressive metalcore” which makes some sense, as they’re metalcore with a twist.

Unheard Words features five tracks which mix heavy beats, electronically enhanced guitars, vicious vocals and samples. It’s a wonderfully bass-led sound which deserves to be listened to on equipment that can handle it.

From opener “Rebirth”, which is a short instrumental giving a taste of what’s to come, through the four other crushing tunes, this is an incredible debut. The down-tuned rhythm is complemented by prog-influenced guitars which seem to wrap around it creating a distinctive sound. Vocals are typically angry for the genre, but not so harsh that they can’t be understood.

Best of all, the EP is available as a free download from bandcamp, and the band even have a couple of videos out as well. Impressive for a debut release. Check out the sample and the links below for all the goodies. It’ll be worth your time.

facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp


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