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Pints - Drinking Smoking GamblingAnother one with a great bio written by the PR company so I’m just copying and pasting! Thanks to Jamie at Wall of Sound PR for giving me the heads up about this great, drunking, slobby punk band.

  • “Worst band in UKHC” – Some Tosser On A Facebook Group
  • “Pints are ridiculous” – Punktastic
  • “London punk doesn’t get much more drunk than this” – The Cowley Club
  • “Songs about getting hammered and they’re so fucking perfect I could cry” –
  • “I really want Pints for Ninja Fest but it’s gonna end up with somebody’s handbag getting p*ssed in” – UKHC II Podcast

Let’s get this straight, Pints don’t really care what you think. This London-based quintet want to drink beer and play punk rock – end of story. They don’t have much to say, they don’t have a plan, they didn’t even really want this press release, but we wrote it anyway because their latest video for ‘Holstenz’ deserves to be seen.

The track is taken from their new EP Drink, Smoke, Gamble, Repeat. which has been recorded but not yet released online “because we’re lazy” – although you can get debut album Drinking, Smoking, Gambling for free download from their bandcamp page.

“We don’t have no message,” explains front man Bog “We ain’t the fucking pope. As for passion and driving force? We’re just five mates who shouldn’t be allowed near instruments who enjoy playing punk music and getting plastered.”

“Holstenz” is the grimy, froth-topped embodiment of what Pints are about – they are the sweat-soaked guys giving everything to a packed, tiny basement venue because they love doing it, not because they expect it to be a job, or anyone to even care. They smell of stale beer, all of their songs are about getting hammered, they will probably scream in your face and push you over; it’s nothing personal, you’re just in their way.

“That’s all punk rock should be, hanging with your mates and playing music because it’s fun,” continues Bog. “I can’t stand all this ego shit and the ‘got to start a band and be super serious with our promo shots’ attitude; deep vague interviews and shit.”

The whole ethos of Pints is that they really don’t give a single fuck, succinctly put by Bog as he fires his parting shot: “We will go out of our way to not act like a proper band, because we still don’t really think we are one.”


  • Essex Fest 01/08/14
  • Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar Brighton 14/09/14

PINTS are:

  • Bog (vocals)
  • Hogan (guitar/ vocals)
  • Big Worm (bass)
  • Dave (guitar)
  • Ard (drums)

facebook | bandcamp

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