Band of the Day: Sleeper Effect

Sleeper Effect - The Hero CloneWith a debut album out three days ago, I belatedly point you in the direction of London’s Sleeper Effect. Their own brand of progressive metal is fairly easy on the ear while still being harsh, angry and bitter. In fact, their own bio states that the band use the rehearsal studio as somewhere to undergo therapy sessions.

The band was the brainchild of singer Adam, who started creating riffs and other parts of songs while laid up in bed recovering from a broken leg… which he got on the set of a zombie movie (I so want to know which one). By 2009 the band had a line-up and songs were being written, live performances being given.

November 2011 saw them release two singles recorded and produced by the band’s bassist, which gave them enough clout to perform gigs up and down the UK. And finally, in 2014 (April 13th), the released their debut album, The Hero Clone.

The first thing that struck me was the fantastic album cover. Seriously creepy and a good bit of artwork. Buy it and you can see the back as well ;) It’s only six tracks, and one of them’s a live recording (not of a song already on the album), but it’s a good collection nonetheless. The tone of the music varies from angsty to angry, with vocals to match. The title track stands out for me.

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