Band of the Day: Sorizon

Sorizon - SomnusA nice lady called Karina pointed me in the direction of one of Orange County’s upcoming metal acts. She definitely likes them so I’m guessing she knows them or she’s a stalker. In fairness, she’s picked a damn fine band to spread the word about.

They’re currently promoting their second album (Somnus), released at the end of 2013. It’s described as a “radical metal” which is a term I admit I’ve not heard before, but I’ll do my best to pick it apart and let you know what to expect.

Well, vocals range from edgy/post metal to harmonic. Rhythms are generally quite industrial or classic metal in feel. Lead guitars tend to wail away in the backdrop that forms the whole sound of each song rather than breaking into strident solos.

Overall, it’s quite a heavy sound at first but not so heavy that it would put off fans of traditional metal. Production is good, giving a clear sound that should be enough to annoy the people in the car next to you at the lights. And the one next to them.

There’s plenty to listen to online, including the whole album on Bandcamp (before you buy it, obviously).

official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | reverbnation | myspace | youtube

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