Band of the Day: The Big V

The Big V - BBCSometimes there are things such as fate. Like this evening, for instance. Here I am, sat wondering when today’s BotD post is due to appear online… and then realising that I’ve not bloody written one! Just as I think that – *ping* You Have Mail.

It was an email from Emily Johnstone, who tells me she’s in a band called The Big V who have a few songs available and they’re trying to get word out about them. You can’t argue with timing like that so here you have the quickest turnaround of a Band of the Day request ever!

Emily describes The Big V as a mix of rock and psychedelia. I’d say they’re like a throwback to the days of free love and lava lamps. When I first listened to “The Boy Is Easily Broken”, the first thing that sprang to mind was Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”. TBV’s sound is a little harsher, but there are definite similarities. “Lucid Again”, on the other hand, has a bassline hook reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Come Together”.

Don’t for one second think that I’m saying that The Big V have ripped anyone off! Both of those acts were hugely influential in their era and are classic acts in the psychedelic rock genre. There’s bound to be some influence from giants like that and it says a lot about the musical talent present in The Big V that they remind me of such good music.

The band themselves are a five-piece from Exeter. Emily’s vocals are joined by Alex who also does keyboard and organ. Richard’s on guitar, Josh on drums and Joe on bass. Given the style of music, the rhythm section get a better showing than in some other cases, so it’s good to hear them in capable hands.

I do like variety in this section of the site and thanks to Emily for dropping me a line about the band. As ever, links are below as is a sample of their music. You’ll find a decent selection of other tracks via SoundCloud.

official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube

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