New Band of the Day: TrollWar

TrollWar are a folk metal band from Canada, and from this point on you will have to excuse me. Their facebook bio is, due I’m sure to their relationship with creatures of Norse/Scandinavian lineage, is in a strange tongue, possibly otherworldy. I think it’s called “French”. Anyway, memories of a 25 year-old GCSE course and Google Translate are to blame for any errors in what follows.

Their music sound very sea-shanty-ish courtesy of Trolläthan The Old Bard on accordian. Unusually, they also feature a proper old upright bass ratehr than (or as well as, I’m not 100% sure) an electric one. Vocals are of the harsher, death metal type and the band themselves fall into the heavier end of the folk metal category.

TrollWar - Earthdawn GrovesFormed in 2011, they released their first EP – Bloodshed Forge – the same year. As they band themselves admit, the production isn’t perfect (in my opinion it’s really just the vocals being buried under the music, otherwise it’s not bad) but it still sold well and ensured they were able to progress on to 2013’s full album Earthdawn Groves.

As with most folk metal bands, they’re a bit bonkers which leads to a fun live show as well. Maybe it’s the mead mixed with elf blood.

You can get the new album in digital or CD formats (the cover art is superb, by the way) and Bloodshed Forge can be listened to in full on their SoundCloud page. Plenty of other links to check out for more information and music!

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