New Band of the Day: Skinlepsy

Skinlepsy - Condemning the Empty SoulsHow can we counterpoint yesterday’s foray into the orchestral? I know, let’s hop a few continents over and visit Brazil – home of Skinlepsy. Have you ever noticed how much something sounds better when you just put the word “brutal” in front of it? Well Skinlepsy play “brutal thrash” which means it’s thrash but brutal-er.

After a demo release in 2003, the band actually split up. From what I can gather, Skinlepsy was more or less a little side project for a few musicians who already had experience playing in other bands.

However, in 2011 three of them met up and reformed the band. André Gubber, Evandro Junior and Luiz Berenguer worked on their own material which has culminated in their debut album – Condemning the Empty Souls.

The album, released last year, is ten tracks of untamed heaviness. It’s hard to believe that this level of audible pummeling could be produced by only three men. Completely unrelenting, each track is designed to destroy with barely a slow-paced passage between them. From intro to track end, they take the essence of thrash metal and condense it in to three or so minutes of vigorous headbanging insanity.

With positive branch from within Brazil and without, here’s hoping they get the chance to do a decent tour and gather more support.

If you like your music heavy without quite slipping over the edge into death metal then Skinlepy are definitely an act you should be checking out.

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