New Band of the Day: SnakeyeS


I like getting emails from bands who are promoting themselves. Jose from SnakeyeS sent me all their press stuff today, in perfect time for me drafting this post. So, yes, he jumped the queue. Terrible, eh?

SnakeyeS are a Romanian/Spanish outfit featuring experienced musicians who’ve played in bands in their own countries. They have just released their debut EP Welcome to the Snake Pit, which will be followed by a full album some time in 2014.

Jose – on bass and guitar – is joined by Cosmin on vocals, Justi on guitar and Carlos on drums. Jose and Cosmin wrote the tracks and are the two core members of the band, the others adding their talents for the purposes of recording the EP. Together they create some pretty damn good shit. Not quite verging into thrash territory, but with a sound vaguely reminiscent of Annihilator nonetheless.

The single release from the EP is “Shadow Warriors”, the video for which you can see below – with Jose performing both guitar and bass parts!

The EP can be downloaded from a wealth of online locations (basically, Google Play, Deezer and *spit* iTunes).

SnakeyeS: official | facebook | twitter | google+ | myspace | youtube

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