New Band of the Day: Jaldaboath


Back to Blighty today. When an email comes through describing a band as “the medieval monty-pythonesque Metal trio from the UK”, I’m understandably intrigued . When I listen to them and find that they’re both funny and catchy, I want to tell people about it.

The first thought that came to mind, though the style of music is different, is of a band from around twenty years ago called “Upper Crust”. One album of delightfully mad rock music that sounded like Blackadder II had mated with AC/DC. Actually, they may well make a suitable “Oldie but Goldie” one day.

Anyway, Jaldaboath have surpassed Upper Crust in one sense – they’re about to release their second album. The Further Adventures… has a release date of new year, but I’d expect to have to wait for it to be delivered or for the shops to open before you got a physical copy if you were expecting one then.

[update – just found that The Upper Crust have been active more recently and have quite a few albums/EPs out. Yay! Time for some shopping…]

It’s a subtle blend of heraldic tales of yore and heavy metal. And it works. Very well indeed. Jaldaboath themselves describe their music as “Heraldic Templar Metal, Castle-dwelling Cacophonic Rock, Head-banging Horse-riding Metal, Jousting Jongleur Jazz, Teutonic Templar Thrash, Hammering Heraldic Metal, Rennaisance Raggamuffin Rawk…” and they play these styles exclusively.

Simply, they’re great fun. I’ve had a listen to the album and it’s really good stuff. The music’s strong enough to stand on its own, so even when the “joke” has worn off, the songs themselves are still worth listening to.

Check them out, grab the old album (and EP), and keep an ear out for The Further Adventures…!

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