New Band of the Day: Gwydion

Gwydion - Veteran
Gwydion – Veteran

Battering people senseless with epic and folk metal since 1995, Gwydion charge forth from the darklands of Lisbon. Mind, I shouldn’t blame a whole country just for the existence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Gwydion help to make up for that nation’s error.

I believe they’re apt for New Year’s Eve, because if ever there’s a night where you’ll need a battle anthem then this is it. I live in Glasgow so a full fledged assault on one half of the pub by the other sometime around the bell chimes is pretty much a tradition. In the interests of fairness, the last time I was almost hit by a flying bottle (on New Year’s Eve) was in Bradford.

Their release count is now six – three demos followed by three albums. The most recent of these long-players is Veteran which came out towards the end of 2013. As with the first two, it’s chock full of pounding, intense rhythms designed to send your troops into battle with adrenaline pumping.

Enjoy! And drink the fermented fruit of the ale before battle commences at midnight!

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