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Anyone's Guess
Anyone’s Guess

Tom at Red Dragon Records dropped me a line to tell me about Anyone’s Guess (from Orlando) who released the first of nine new songs a couple of days ago. The idea is to release one song per month (roughly) over nine months, with an EP coming out in February 2014 as well.

They raised $5000 through Kickstarter to get their recording off the ground and it was money well spent, believe me. Well done to the band for working hard to get this all going.

Here’s a bit of their blurb:

With Raw talent and a distinct alternative sound, the song “Apathy” by female-fronted Florida band Anyone’s Guess is just a small demonstration of the real power the band possesses as a whole. Melodic, solid, emotional, and unique, the concrete style of the trio can be heard through every note, and the true inner strength behind vocalist/bassist Sanja Jovanovic is compellingly apparent and cuts deeps as a knife. Throughout the song there is a constant reminder of this strength, and it makes the band incapable of being forgotten. Once the remarkable combination of the guitar harmonies and percussion are added into that strength, there can only be one phrase to describe this band: pure and absolute rock and roll.

There’s nothing wrong with what they’ve said. “Apathy” is a kicking rock track that starts fairly gently, then just catches you unawares until your head and feet are rattling along to the rhythm.

I’m looking forward to the other eight tracks already. They may be from Orlando, but they’re no Mickey Mouse outfit!

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