New Band of the Day: Spider Rockets

Spider Rockets
Spider Rockets

I picked this bunch for November 5th purely on the basis that the video at the bottom has fireworks in it. Tenuous, I know, but hey.

Staggering drunkenly from the litter-strewn streets of New Jersey (probably while yelling comments about the fact that they’re WALKING HERE), this hard rock four piece have an interesting history. Starting as a duo (lead singer Helena and guitarist Johnny), they used an electronic percussion section to drive their edgy rock sound.

Over time, they joined up other musicians to form a fully-fledged four piece and their sound became more traditional. These changes have been documented in several EPs and albums which would make an interesting listen, but have culminated in Bitten which was released in July this year.

It’s popped up in a few “top 10” lists and has had a fair bit of radio play so it can’t be all bad (as ever, you guys judge). Certainly, what I’ve heard of it demonstrates nothing to complain about. Plenty of places to check out for further material as well!

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