New Band of the Day: Shatter The Skies

Shatter The Skies
Shatter The Skies

Thanks to Dan, vocalist with Shatter The Skies, for dropping me a line and letting me know about the band. They are – in his words – a “young, rising metalcore band from Liverpool”.

Sadly, I swear I’ve used all my Liverpool gags on other posts. Or maybe some Scouser nicked them. Anyway, it means I’ll need to move swiftly on to the band themselves.

There are four rambunctious youths involved in this particular beat combo: Dan, Olli, Stan and Matt. Dan shouts, Matt hits things, Olli and Stan back up the shouting and rattle strings. So far, so Beatles.

“Tears Through Blinded Eyes”, their first EP, was released in July 2012 and is available for a “name your price” download on BandCamp. It does get across their cross-genre definition of melodic metalcore / thrash. Dan’s vocals range from regular singing to some high-pitched notes while the backing vocals are more of the sort you’d expect from a metalcore band.

Musically, the tempo is fast enough to class as thrash to me. The track “Sorgasm” actually comes across as a bit “death”-y in my opinion. In all, it’s a bit of a mix, but one that stands more chance of appealing to multiple audiences than alienating them.

There’s a bit more about the band on their facefart page and, as I’m struggling to get bandcamp embeds to work, either go to the link above or check out one of their songs via YouTube below.

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