New Band of the Day: Taketh

Taketh - Ignorance is Strength
Taketh – Ignorance is Strength

Taketh started with two acoustic guitars in the air traffic controller tower on the military base in Linköping, Sweden in 2000. Between watching the skies, David and Mikael started writing some songs and with the joining of David’s brother Johan, there was a band.

After playing the local scenes for a few years, along with a couple of ventures outside Linköping, Taketh secured a record deal with Dutch label Fear Dark Records. The debut album Freakshow was released in 2005, and followed up with a tour with Eluveitie in 2006, now with new guitar player Atahan.

A three track EP called Minus 24 was recorded and released in 2008, but due to injuries, babies and new jobs, the band chose to take a break.

A local festival brought the band back in 2011, and with the addition of Johan Ejnarsson, the guys felt they had a sold line-up and material to go on. Planning for a second album was started, and in October 2012 Taketh entered Endarker Studios for the third time. In 15 intense days, Ignorance is Strength was born.

After much discussion, the band decided to forego the traditions of releasing through a label, and started planning for something more modern. A creative commons licensed release, enabling free sharing, remixing and derivative works.

Ignorance is Strength as well as their debut album Freakshow are available now at the Taketh bandcamp page. Acoustic guitars to melodic death metal; air traffic controllers to musicians prepared to let their work be shared for free. That’s got to deserve some support.

To keep up to date with TAKETH make sure to “like” their facefart page.

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