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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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New Band of the Day: Jealous Creatures

Jealous Creatures

Jealous Creatures

A little bit of a sideways departure today as I cover a band that classes themselves as “Rock/Western Haze” on their facefart page. I have no idea what “Western Haze” is, but it brings with it an indy tone. They also describe themselves as the “soundtrack to all those times when we know it’s a bad idea, but we go for it anyway” which I think is just a great phrase and I wish I’d thought of it first.

Jealous Creatures come from Houston which is in some piddly backwater place called Texas. Sarah, the singer and guitarist, dropped me an email with a bevvy of links and resources for which I am very grateful!

The band recently released a new album called Bazooka which follows on from 2011’s Little Heaven Big Sky. The video at the bottom is a nice up-tempo number from the more recent release, though there is quite the variety amongst the tracks on offer.

As I said, they’re a departure (for this page at least) because they’re not that heavy – but they definitely fall within the bounds of rock. Of the bands I do know and listen to, I’d put them in the same pile as the likes of (maybe) Everclear and Soul Asylum. Though a bit less “out there” than the former and a tad less “country” than the latter.

Jealous Creatures have their own web page, as well as resources on all of the following:

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