New Band of the Day: The Escatones

The Escatones – Slow Down Jackson

And now for something completely different.

Before metal, there was rock. Before rock, there was rock’n’roll. The Escatones take us back to that wonderful period in history where huge percentages of the American population were scared of music. It took a good number of years for that to happen again with the advent of teenagers attempting to blow their heads of with shotguns (and missing) because Judas Priest told them to, so let’s revel once more in the sound of the 60’s.

With a lovely twangy guitar sound, The Escatones immediately made me think of the surf rock genre, but with more of a laid back style to the vocals. It’s hard to describe the way the music and lyrics mix – one quite bright, the other more trippy – but it works, and it’s great to feature a band who are a big step away from most of the other acts I’ve covered.

Nice stuff to put on in the weather we’re having in the UK at the moment. Kick back, feet up in the sunny garden with a beer.

Find more out about them on their facefart page, and get their album Slow Down Jackson via bandcamp.

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