New Band of the Day: Gandalf’s Fist

Gandalf’s Fist in Newcastle

From the wilds of Cumbria comes a group hell bent on the destruction of every orc and dodgy bit of golden fingerwear they can find. Using the power of prog metal, they’re aiming to douse the fires of Mordor and make the world safe for all people of small stature everywhere.

Their official page is a great introduction with a “Who the hell are…?” section and a bunch of free stuff to download.

For those who’ve been reading these articles for a while, you’ll know that prog isn’t one of my favourite genres. I can pop it on in the background but I’d generally not go to a prog gig or buy an album. On the other hand, I do listen to all the bands I review and have to appreciate them all on their own merits.

There’s no denying the musicianship present in Gandalf’s Fist’s work. Production on the sample tracks, at least (and I assume obviously the full albums) is very professional. Even their videos on YouTube have obviously had a lot of work put into them..

I feel safe in saying that if prog is your thing, you’ll approve of Gandalf’s Fist.

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