New Band of the Day: Dendera

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Dendera are the other band touring with Gloryhammer later this year so I thought I’d give them a spin and see what they were like.

Their debut album, The Killing Floor, came out in May, and the track floating around below is from it. They brand themselves as simply being “heavy metal” and their influences (as ever, check their facefart page) read like a who’s who of metal masters.

Listening to a handful of tracks, I’d say they’ve captured Powerslave-ish-era Maiden. You know, back when they were good. Wailing vocals and a great set of backing musicians. Hell, they even use historical references as a focus for their songs. “Senlac Hill” (link to an article on the history) is a typical example and well worth a listen if you like your metaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll!

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September 27, 2013 1:55 AM

[…] very impressive band and alumni of the New Band of the Day category, Portsmouth’s Dendera have one album out, play a damn fine live show and – in […]

September 27, 2013 2:21 AM

[…] want more than that. Damn you. I’m tired. But here we go… First up we had Dendera who I featured as New Band of the Day quite some time ago. While I was impressed with them from a couple of songs, they absolutely blew […]