New Band of the Day: Scorpion Child

Scorpion Child (2013)

Scorpion Child are fairly precise with the date they formed – 22nd January 2013 according to their facebook information. So, barely four months old and their debut album is coming out on Nuclear Blast in June. Not bad going.

They’re from Austin, Texas – about the only place in the U.S. I’ve spent any meaningful amount of time – and play “psychedelic rock”.

I hear that term and I think of people wearing sunglasses with swirly black and white lenses, clothes made from silk in primary colours, daft beards and people with pharmacy degrees making a fortune supplying them with trippy-pills. However, the guys look fairly normal, don’t dress strangely and I didn’t see any sunglasses in the video. Oh, there may be a little bit of beard, though. And I can’t comment on the chemicals.

What they actually play, in my opinion, is good old fashioned rock’n’roll. Only a bit heavier. It just plain, enjoyable, guitar-driven rock.

It’s very accessible, great to listen to the car and no surprise they landed a contract with material like this.

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