New Band of the Day: Alphakill

Alphakill (2013)
Alphakill (2013)

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba, Canada, with a metropolitan population of 730,018 in the Canada 2011 Census. It is located near the longitudinal centre of North America, at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

It’s also home to today’s NBotD, Alphakill – as true an exponent of quality thrash metal as you’ll find anywhere.

Formed in 2010, they’re still a fairly young band but with a definite penchant for flinging out ludicrously fast riffage and beats. Their thrash roots aren’t just apparent, they’re above ground and you can’t avoid tripping over them.

Their debut album was released in 2012, mainly recorded at the home of one of the band members the final recordings were sent to Sweden and mixed by And LaRocque (King Diamond). The added splash of professionalism is really apparent on the finished result.

The album, Unmitigated Disaster, is anything but. Opener “Thrash Eternal” is very “Whiplash” / “Toxic Waltz” in lyrical content and hits you like a non-stop express train with guitars strapped to it. “Let Me Die” reminds more of early 90’s Anthrax with its backing vocals and slightly slower tempo which favours the bass.

“Unmitigated Disaster” itself has a nice military-style intro before launching into another full-frontal assault.

And so the album goes. There isn’t a single “filler” track or one that goes at anything less than blistering pace. This is most definitely a thrash album – it doesn’t cross any boundaries or draw from another genre.

Pure, unadulterated, distilled thrash.

Oh, where do you find out about them? Well there’s the usual facebook page which will hit you up with details. They’re also on the new, improved (i.e. not as shit as it used to be) MySpace which no longer looks like GeoCities, thank fuck.

The album opener can be enjoyed below:

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