New Band of the Day – Roarback

Roarback - Face the Sun EP
Roarback – Face the Sun EP

Thanks to a nice chap called Vlad, I have quite a few new bands to go through over the next couple of weeks. He’s publicist for them and dropped me a line with links to their EPs, images and so on – brilliant! What’s even better is that the majority (if not all) are unsigned, so would really benefit from your support.

The first band I checked out, picking them in random order, was Roarback from Denmark. The four-piece cite their influences as 80s/90s death and thrash metal and that pretty much sums them up. The music’s definitely more on the thrash side, but the vocals are most definitely death-y (new word, deal with it). Putting my “let’s pigeonhole them” hat on, I’d advise you to listen to Sepultura before they went all tribal. That’s kind of where they sit sound-wise.

There’s a fair bit of info on their facebook page, as well as a chance to listen to all four tracks from their EP Face the Sun. You can download it for free as well. In the meantime, here’s the second track, “I Will Find You”.

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