New Band of the Day: Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition (Image source: Napalm Records)

More random digging around on YouTube brought this new band to light. Dust Bolt are signed to Napalm Records and have one album out – Violent Demolition – released in 2012.

Imagine a classic Bay Area thrash act, only with German accents, and you have Dust Bolt. Fast, heavy, lyrics about killing things, shouty bits, the image of a pit going bonkers to the bridge between the last two choruses… it’s all there.

The closest sound I can think, to get specific, is early Exodus. It’s great to hear what is an “old” sound being carried on by a young band and so well. Despite lacking originality, they do what they do very well indeed and you can never have too much quality thrash metal!

That album, incidentally, is only €7 (plus postage, dammit) through Napalm themselves so it’s not even a big gamble to check them out.

I can’t find an official page for them, but they’re on facebook and Twitter (in German, mainly!)

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