24 Songs of Xmas 2023: The Krackpots – Proper Christmas

With the news full of woe, war and divisions and following 5 long years of tenuous and increasingly unlistenable sausage roll-themed Christmas number ones, puppet band The Krackpots step up to try and give the UK what it needs: a Proper Christmas Number 1.

Proper Christmas is a love letter to the perfectly imperfect family Christmases of the late 70s and early 80s delivered in an oddly familiar, radio-friendly, sing-a-long Christmas classic like the festive hits of yesteryear, channelling The Krackpots’ childhood favourites Chas and Dave, Madness and Slade.

The identity of the band behind The Krackpots, a mystery group with several top 10 hits and millions of streams, is a closely guarded secret, and an intriguing mystery, a bit like Banksy, or Kendo Nagasaki. There is no shady consortium behind “Proper Christmas”. The Krackpots have funded and produced Proper Christmas themselves, completely independently of any record company or media organisation.

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The Krackpots: official | spotify

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