Advent 2018 Day 21: Helen Love – Glitter Star

Apparently this one’s a dig at someone called Kirsty Allsopp who’s famous. If you’ve heard of her then the following may make sense…

It’s now almost 2 years since our legendary Twitter clash with Kirstie Allsopp, the queen of making a pile of useless middle class tat into a popular TV series.

After facing a torrent of abuse from her crafty crafters who put down their glue guns, hung up their Cath Kidston aprons, and raced to their sticky-fingered iPads to defend Her Majesty, we decided this year’s Christmas single should be dedicated to her and her tinsel-tasselled followers.

Merry Christmas to every one of them—may their Glitter Stars always shine like a beacon of hope, may their scissors never blunt, long live their Pritt Sticks, and God Save The Queen.

The band play a Helen Love Christmas Spectacular on 22nd December (tomorrow) at The Lexington in London, which is set to be their only London show of 2018.

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