Song Premiere: Kivanc Kilicer – “All The Same” (ft. StratovariuS’ Mathias Kupiainen)

Kivanc Kilicer is a verified Spotify artist in the melodic rock genre with 3 released albums, and some pretty impressive stage appearances – including opening for The Scorpions in Istanbul as part of his band Element.

With the support of Mathias Kupiainen in solo guitars, Kivanc started producing new tracks with more Finnish sound and energy. “Reflection of my Heart” and “All the Same” reflect this smooth melodic sound within. It’s the latter we’re proud to bring you today, the first chance for you to wrap your ears around this factory-fresh music!

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The story behind “All The Same” is about buried pain and how time supposedly heals it. Life goes on as time flies adding up memories to its path. We look the same, healed, but it’s a trade-off recovery. Experience makes us wise and things look the same in our actions. Those memories, however, change the way we feel about ourselves. We look the same when we smile, cry, laugh, think etc, but inside, we are not. And we become bitter when we forget that we feel the same.

If you like what you hear, then pre-save the song on your choice of streaming service! The track will be released for streaming / purchase on October 30th.

Kivanc Kilicer: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | spotify | youtube

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