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Review: Calling Apollo – The Great Depression Act 1

Calling Apollo - The Great Depression Act 1Wales is famous for bestowing great singers upon us, providing us with the coal to warm our houses in days gone by, dodgy holiday cottages that the locals warm up in their own unique way, and sheep. And sheep shaggers. It is also home to relative newcomers Calling Apollo, a band about to release two new EPs. Their debut, Hunter | Gatherer, did rather well and they’re following it up with the first part of a two-episode set, The Great Depression Act 1 on August 19th.

This was one of those random releases I picked out due to being poked by a pesky PR person so the band have her to thank for this review which is – spoiler alert – very positive. They’re described as melodic rock, but I’d just go for straightforward hard rock. Calling Apollo have a kind of “post” feel to them in the heavy breaks but without that sub-genre’s stereotypical twanging bass guitar or harsh vocals. Frontman Christian has a knack of sounding very impassioned without delving into the “shouty” side of things. The end result is something that you can nod along to while you’re in the car, but know you could absolutely throw some funky shapes down on the dancefloor to at a gig.

Lead single “Obelisk” covers most of the bands styles, from clean guitars and simple melodies to incredibly heavy distorted segments with absolutely devastating bass and drum backing. It’s the kind of track that will have you clenching your fists and wanting to unleash something. On someone. Or just singing into the shower head. Either / or. This is a crowd-swayer of a song.

Calling Apollo have a sound that drags you in and involves you. Rather than go for musical hooks – earworms – they’ve opted instead for a sound that pulls on something more basic: your emotions. This is an EP full of tracks that you want to be wrapped up in and feel a part of. “Act 1: House of Cards…” just grabs and won’t let go until it’s shaken all your teeth loose. I rate it as the best track in the collection with its fast-paced punk-edged lyrics… and gentle ending which lays you gently back down again after the beating.

This is a great little collection of songs and I look forward to Act 2 as and when it appears. You can find out if the band can cut it live soon, too, as they’re planning a tour around the time of release with Rory Indiana. Keep an eye out!

Calling Apollo: facebook | bandcamp

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