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Band of the Day: Республика Марс (The Republic of Mars)

You don’t hear about too many bands from Russia for whatever reason, so it was a pleasant surprise to get an email from Ig, drummer with The Republic of Mars, asking me to check out his band. Now, my Russian … read more


Decimation band

Turkey’s Decimation releasing “Reign of Ungodly Creation” December 9 – check out 2 tracks

Turkish Brutalists Decimation will release Reign of Ungodly Creation on December 9 through Comatose Music. Decibel has posted a stream of track “Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggurat” for your listening pleasure right here. Reign of Ungodly Creation … read more

Golden Oldies

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Old-school weekend

Just a random post about my listening habits this weekend. I get a ton of new releases each week to listen to and try to write something about. I skip far more than I include on the page, but this is … read more

Gig Reviews


Alestorm / Lagerstein / Red Rum / Rainbowdragoneyes – The Arches, Glasgow

[Photo sets: Alestorm / Lagerstein / Red Rum / Rainbowdragoneyes] Piratefest. A word which should strike fear into the hearts of lily-livered land-lubbers everywhere. An aural assault of Jolly-Roger waving forces from four separate camps, descending on nineteen cities across … read more

Classic Covers

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Classic Covers: Sock Puppets – Raining Bleach

A bit of a random one for lunchtime today. Slayer’s “Raining Blood” is, of course, a classic. No denying that. Oftentimes on stage it’s accompanied by blood raining down (see what they did there?) on the band as a climax … read more


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Interview: Red Rum

More pirate-ness with Nottinghamshire’s favourite virtuoso baroque pirate metal sextet (although, in fairness, there probably aren’t that many virtuoso pirate metal sextets in the Midlands), Red Rum. I had the chance to speak to Sam the keyboardist and Sam the … read more

Album Reviews

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Review: Bloodshot Dawn – Demons

Melodic death you want? Melodic death you shall have. Bloodshot Dawn’s second full length outing is a great collection of heavy yet widdly tracks. The overall sound is generally more one of traditional heavy metal with death vocals, a meandering … read more


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Hirax – first ever UK/IRE tour

Californian thrash legends Hirax are to make their first ever trip to the UK next year. The band will play six dates, kicking off with Hammerfest. The Moshville Times is proud to be one of the tour’s sponsors and we’ll … read more