Monday, May 29, 2017
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: No Funeral – Misanthrope

Sludgy, slow, and heavier than an obese rhino: perhaps the only way you can describe Misanthrope, debut release of Minnesotan doom metal quartet No Funeral. Having formed back in 2011, No Funeral have been recording and releasing demos and singles since 2013, with each of the these tracks being polished off and collected [...]

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Barb Wire Dolls / Warhead – Bannermans, Edinburgh (24th May 2017)

Here we are again at Bannermans for the Barb Wire Dolls on a return visit to this great venue. This is the last of the three Scottish dates, having played Glasgow and Aberdeen the previous two nights. Before the main event we have a support band to get through – Warhead [...]

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Band of the Day: Endeavour

If you like your metal to be laden with proggy melodies, yet still pack a punch, then today’s Band of the Day, Endeavour, are just the band for you. The Bristol-based quartet have only just this past week released their new EP, Bring Upon The Rising Day, a smorgasbord of weighty [...]

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Review: Nokturnal Mortum – Verity

It would have been a mistake not to talk about the last album of the Ukrainian giants of pagan black metal, Nokturnal Mortum. Released eight years after The Voice of Steel and thanks to a gain in popularity in Western countries, that might partially be thanks to the Ragnard Rock Festival [...]

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Interview: Captain Christopher Bowes of Alestorm (Part Two)

Following on from yesterday’s first salvo, we dig under the “X” to find the treasure chest containing the second part of “aar” interview with Chris Bowes… That would be cool. You’ve also got Warped Tour coming up, have you ever played that before? No we’ve never done anything like this. [...]

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Band of the Day: Crystal Ignite

New day, new band. Take it away… Crystal Ignite of, erm, Crystal Ignite! Simple things first – where are you guys from? ​I’m originally from Melbourne Australia, the rest of my band are from the East coast of the United States How did you meet? ​Through recommendation of other people [...]

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