Band of the Day

Summertime - band

Band of the Day: Summertime

I’m trying to think if I’ve “done” Hungary before in the Band of the Day category. Not sure. Maybe I should start again and work through all the countries alphabetically. And also stop thinking aloud when I should be telling … read more


Aeon Zen band

Aeon Zen announce new album / new video

UK based Aeon Zen, a shining light in the British progressive metal scene, return in 2014 with the release of their fourth album, Ephemera, on September 1st. Arguably their most ambitious effort to date, Ephemera showcases the band as passionate, progressive … read more

Oldie But Goldie

Therapy band

Oldie but Goldie: Therapy? – Troublegum

I honestly can’t believe Therapy?‘s Troublegum album is twenty years old. I remember being addicted to it when it came out (I was at uni) and I put it on my phone about a year or so ago and it felt … read more

Gig Reviews

Bonded By Blood - Glasgow

Bonded By Blood / Flayed Disciple / Seprevation – Glasgow Audio

[Photo sets: Bonded By Blood / Flayed Disciple / Seprevation] Hey guys, Sean here after however long it was since the last review I did. I’m finished with uni now so whenever work isn’t taking up my time you can … read more

Cover Song of the Day

Betraying the Martyrs band

Cover Song of the Day: Betraying the Martyrs – Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen)

Like many parents the country over, I’ve been suffering repeated playings of yet another Disney soundtrack since before the film’s release several months ago. Duped into going to see a comedy about a reindeer and a living snowman – sold … read more



Interview: Wovenwar’s Josh Gilbert

First interview in a while and it’s always nice to chat to someone who’s so forthcoming and easy to get along with as Josh. Wovenwar’s self-titled debut album comes out on August 5th and it’s a belter (all the compliments … read more

Album Reviews


Review: Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age

A debut review from our Wench-in-the-South Talia today. This seemed like a fine piratical album to let her sharpen her cutlass on… Sunset On The Golden Age is available from August 1st via Napalm Records. There are two reasons to listen … read more


13th Note 22082014 - banner

13th Note Quadruple-header, August 22nd

A wonderfully varied four bands taking to the stage at the 13th Note in Glasgow on August 22nd. Tickets only a fiver as well, which must qualify as value for money. Former Band of the Day Miss the Occupier are … read more