Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Wayward Sons – The Truth Ain’t What it Used to Be

If ever there was an evocative album title, it’s Wayward Sons’ newest. And the Toby Jepson-led outfit have a point. In an era of fake news and doublespeak, frankly, the truth ain’t what it used to be. Making no secret [...]

October 11, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Relinquished – Addictivities (Part 1)

Featuring two vocalists, Austria’s Relinquished throw many of the darker brands of metal (death, extreme, black) into a pot and sprinkle in some progressive influences for variety. The result is very interesting, and strangely listenable. Typically for the genres they’ve [...]

October 8, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: The Darkness – Easter is Cancelled

In 2017, The Darkness unleashed their finest opus since their debut. Much like Permission to Land, Pinewood Smile was an album for the ages. It was the most Darkness album they’d ever recorded. Full of chunky, balls-out riffs, taking the [...]

October 4, 2019 Album Reviews

EP Review: The Wildhearts – Diagnosis

Right, we’re in the final three months of the year so whilst it was already a fair bet when it landed back in May, it’s fair to say The Wildhearts’ Renaissance Men is the best album of 2019. And if [...]

October 4, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Mister Misery – Unalive

Stockholm’s Mister Misery look a little bit like they were pressed from the Wednesday 13 / Marilyn Manson mould, and their sound straddles both of these artists’. Definitely metal, definitely with a horror edge, but with a knack for a [...]

October 1, 2019 Album Reviews

Album Review: Insomnium – Heart Like A Grave

Melodic death metal has always been a firm favourite of mine. A good 1/3rd of my near 10-day long physical music library is composed of the genre with Insomnium making up a good chunk of that. The band’s previous album, [...]

September 29, 2019 Album Reviews