Thursday, November 26, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: EvilDead – United States of Anarchy

For such a diehard thrasher it feels rather shameful to admit EvilDead have escaped my speakers for so long. I’d heard a few tunes from classic duo of albums, Annihilation of Civilization and The Underworld, when getting into thrash metal [...]

November 12, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Convulse – Deathstar

When it comes to Finnish metal, my go-to bands are usually of the folk/melodeath variety. The old-skool Finnish death metal bands have somehow escaped me up until recently, and like much old-skool death metal, the crushing riffs and distinctive style [...]

November 11, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: The Republic of Mars – The Beast From The East

We’ve featured Republic of Mars since they went by their original Russian-pronounced name of Respublica Mars, and it’s great to see / hear them back with what is absolutely, 100% their best release to date. From the well-crafted scene setting [...]

November 10, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Sevendust – Blood & Stone

Sevendust are a band I’ve heard of but who have generally passed me by for some reason. The sheer volume of music we have floating around these days is likely part of it. JohnP reviewed their last album for us, [...]

November 8, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Cult Burial – Cult Burial

Following on from the well-received Sorrow EP, London’s Cult Burial are now set to ascend in darkness further with their self-titled debut album. Opener “Dethroner” wastes little time introducing the band’s intention of destruction and annihilation which is further confirmed [...]

November 7, 2020 Album Reviews

Album Review: Lie and a Chameleon – WOTOHIANA

As those lucky enough to have visited Tokyo will testify that prefecture has a thriving music scene and perhaps the brightest stars are quintet Lie and a Chameleon. After the success of their sophomore album JUGEM their British label JPU [...]

November 4, 2020 Album Reviews