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Gig review: OPM at Bannerman’s, Edinburgh (2nd Sept 2015)

John E. Necro (photo by Gary Cooper)

John E. Necro (photo by Gary Cooper)

GaryOPM released their 4th EP featuring Big B entitled The Minge Dynasty last month (review here) as well the current European tour celebrating the 15th year anniversary of their debut album Menace to Sobriety which is due to get a re-release soon. The current band featuring John E. Necro – vocals, Geoff Turney – guitars, Jonathan Williams – keyboards, Carlos Perez – drums with Big B – guest vocals (special guest support on tour with OPM), Ceekay Jones – guest vocals & support on the tour.

The band are on quite a extensive tour of the UK at the moment and were hitting Glasgow after tonight’s gig at Bannermans Bar & Venue in Edinburgh’s Cowgate. It was nice to see a full venue on a Wednesday night when the band hit the stage. The band had warmed up as they backed up Big B before setting up for John E. Necro who comes up and is joined on stage by Big B for the gig. The band kick it off with “Feel the Vibe” from the reggae infused 2008 album Golden State of Mind. The audience is up for a good time tonight and it keeps going with the groove infected “Dealerman” from the debut opus Menace to Sobriety. Tonight’s set is a nice spread from their back catalogue with the exception of “California Poppy” oddly.

There is nice interaction between Big B and John with the likes of hip hop style “Rollin” & “Horny” from 2004’s For The Masses, a slightly different hip vibe from the new opus in the form of “Why You So Crazy”. The real hook song for me of the night is “El Capitan” (all together now: “Ooo lalalalalalala El Capitan!”). One of the joys of being down the front is getting to interact with the bands. Bannerman’s is a real hands-on venue with no barriers getting in the way, as I sing “El Capitan” into the mike when John sticks it in my face.

Big B  (photo by Gary Cooper)

Big B (photo by Gary Cooper)

With the likes of bounce-ridden “Stash Up” and “Brighter Side” with its hook ridden melody, the debut album is really enjoyable and stands the test of time well live tonight, keeping the audience nice and lively which is always good to see. We can’t have an OPM gig without the biggest hit they have had in “Heaven is a Half Pipe” and they deliver it with gusto and the well warmed up and enthusiastic crowd oblige with a great sing along to the track which really comes alive on stage. As we reach the end of a great gig with a great band and crowd who all enjoyed themselves, you can see OPM still have a lot to offer both live and in the studio. I would thoroughly recommend catching them on tour – you will not be disappointed. I also have to mention Phil – trumpet player from the first support band “AC Rid” – who had a great guest appearance with the band. Boy, he can play that thing!

Set list:

  • Feel the Vibe
  • Dealerman
  • Runaway
  • Dub Op
  • Speakers
  • Rollin
  • Horny
  • Just Lust
  • Brighter Side
  • Family & Friends
  • Why you so Crazy
  • El Capitan
  • Millionaire
  • Necropolis
  • Dirty White
  • Heaven is a Half Pipe
  • Perfect Day
  • Stash Up

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